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i need a question about a ps3?


so i want to buy a ps3 and i heard you can get a free black ops with it? is that true?

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  1. I dont think so unless the Ps3 comes with a Black Ops game and then your charged like 650 bucks just because it comes with black ops extra controllers and HDMi cables So no, no free black ops with Ps3 its fake

  2. The PS3 slim was an easy choice for me. I doubt I would have bought it just for the high quality exclusive titles it offers ( Little Big Planet, God of War 3 and MGS4 just to name a few of the real big guns Drake’s Fortune was the one I really wanted and I beat it the first few days I had the system. Great game!) but the fact it is also a Blue Ray player, and one of the best reviewed on the market to boot made this a literal no brainier.

  3. You pay for it in the price of the bundle,

    Say a ps3 cost £200,they will.charge about £220 with the game

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