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I can go on the internet on my PS3 but not PSN why?


When i log try to log into PSN i get an error message it says “An error has occurred. You have been signed out of PlayStation Network (8001050F). Does any one know what this means? my connection is fine and i can go on the internet but not PSN. I have an 80GB PS3 if that helps

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  1. The error is the 8001050F error, it is a problem with the PS3 clock. When the internal GMT-tracking rolls over to 3/1. It’s either not rolling, or rolling to 2/29, at which point a system tries to add/subtract from 2/29, which it can’t do because the front-end calendar doesn’t have a 2/29/2010, and * explodes. Seemed to happen around 4PM PDT, which I think is 12AM GMT.

    The PS3 launched in 2006; it’s hit 4 2/28s so far. 2007 and 2009 were odd-numbered years; 2008 was an even, and a leap year. 2010 is the first even non-leap-year the system’s been around for. If some sort of base-level math is choking on itself, it may have ruled out the odd 2007 and 2009 successfully, but is convinced the even 2010 is a leap year (this part I’m less sure of, but is why leap year could theoretically come into play at some point.)

    The issue here is that PSN is not letting players connect with the system date at the year 2000, as the PS3 did not exist. Right now the PS3 is defaulting to the year 2000 thanks to the error, and changing the date gives the same error. This also explains why some Single Player games dont work also.

    So, what do you do? Well you have two options

    -Wait 24 hours. Other products that have had similar bugs have corrected themselves after the “bugged” day. On Monday around 6pm central time, all PS3s will automatically correct themselves.maybe.

    -If that doesn’t work, we’ll need a firmware update from Sony, which should be a pretty important priority for them right now.


    -Will I lose any trophies? The trophies you have synced are fine, however, none synced trophies may not be saved as they are being erased by the glitch. Do not earn any trophies until the problem is fixed.

    -Will this be fixed? Yes, you can expect a fix soon

    Good luck!

    Any questions contact me: [email is not allowed]

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