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How to use multiple display outputs on PS3?


This is my setup:

Ps3 –> PC monitor

–> Tv Monitor

–> Dazzle –> Tv Monitor (Using Y splitters)

Dazzle –> PC

Basically all I want is to be able to record from my TV screen while playing on my PC monitor because of it’s higher quality. I can record from the TV easily when done alone but for some reason it can only display one image at a time. So in the settings I can change the video output to RCA and the TV will start projecting then put it back to HDMI and my PC monitor will at his turn. I guess the reason I don’t receive any signals on my computer is because the TV is told not to project any images, by the way no I can’t plug the Dazzle on my PC monitor.

Thanks for helping!

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  1. If your monitor can’t accept a PS3 cable (I would assume it doesn’t have RCA inputs), then you are out of luck.

    The PS3 can not display multiple images through different connections. You can display multiple images through a single connection (HDMI or RCA cables), but you can not display the image using an HDMI cable and RCA cables at the same time.

    Upgrade your TV to one that has HDMI or DVI inputs, or get a monitor that has RCA inputs.

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