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how to turn the buttons on an xbox 360 controller all black or white? instead of having blue,yellow,green,red?


plz somebody help me out im doing a little reseach b4 i start to take apart my controllers so i can make them look really cool and show off to my friends and one way would be to turn all the buttons black and make the collor of the controll all one color but i dont know how to do it and i saw pictures of other people doing it so instead of spending another hour on the internet to try to find a way to figure it out i think i am just going to ask you guys because it will take 4ever and i really want to gert started as fast as i can so plzzzzzzzzzzzz help meeeee

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  1. Well, the fastest way would be to get some spray paint, use masking tape to cover up all the areas you don’t want to paint, then spray away. Cover up the painted areas once dry, and hit the rest of the controller.

    The better method would be to carefully take apart the controller and then paint each piece individually. This method would avoid any possible problems with the controller buttons getting stuck with paint.

    Take your time, think about what you are doing before you ruin your controller.

  2. You have to buy a mod kit. This kit is about $30.

    [url is not allowed]


    This is a FULL Case Replacement for Microsoft 360 Wireless Controllers

    This WILL NOT work with the Wired Controllers(we have wired cases HERE)

    These are very high quality and do not break easily.

    Very easy to install. No soldering(unless you want LED, then there is 3 wires to solder)

    More Colors and Combinations coming out each month!

    LED On/Off Switch included

    There is no way to get around paying the $30. the buttons are premade and u can’t do anything except spray paint the buttons and trust me you dont want heat getting and sweat to spray paint it will start to run and will become a mess.

    Pay the $30 buy the torex 98 screw driver ( or w.e. it is) so u dont strip ur screws in ur controller. Do some research it will only take a sec. matter a fact I’ll do it for you. I’ll time my self ready go. wow 23 seconds.

    -> Torx 8 T8. sorry i was wrong

    -> buy it here for $7 [url is not allowed]

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