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How to switch from TV to xbox?


Okay, well I wanted to watch a movie on Netflix on my brother’s xbox (he gave me permission) but my TV is on cable TV, and I can’t figure out how to get to the xbox.

So, if you’re watching TV, how can you switch the TV screen to make it the xbox? Sorry if this is confusing anyone.


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  1. Press input button till u see it

    Or try going to pc connection sounds stupid but I thinks that’s where mine is (hdmi)

  2. You need to change the input source on your TV. The best way to figure it out is to follow the cables from the Xbox to the back of the TV. There should be something written just above where the cables are plugged in (i.e Input 1, Video 1, AUX, etc.). When you know what it is, find the Input/Source button on the TV remote or the TV, itself and switch it to the proper input (the name written where the Xbox cables are plugged in).

  3. On the remote there is a button that says source, input, or video. Press it to change the input to the xbox

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