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How to clean ps3 disk?


Hello, I have gotten body oil vaseline on my LA Noire disc (the disc was sitting on top of my dresser and so was the vaseline bottle, then one day it felt over and a little bit fell on the back of the disc (the blank side). Is the game totally screwed or can it be fixed? Before it wouldn’t even load up and the guy at gamestop cleaned it and now it will recognize the game but when you go to start it the screen will turn black and it will say start up error or something.

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  1. If its just smuges and finger prints your talking about just breathe on it and use your shirt or toilet paper and go from the hole to the edge no around inn a circle because that can cause scratches and then you should be good. if its scratches you should buy some some DVD cleaner and do the same thing but sprits it on and only use toilet paper not your shirt.

  2. i don’t get how you did this when the disk is 1 or 2

    1 disk is in the ps3

    2 when the disk is not in the ps3 its in its case

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