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How do I hook my Playstation 3 up to my laptop?


Now I have an acer laptop and I use an alltel broadband card to connect to the internet,but my laptop has wifi capabilities. Where I live I cant get internet service,but I wanna go online with my playstation 3. I have a friend that has told me this is possible because he’s done it before, but I dont know how to go about this. If this is possible,can someone explain this to me. And PLEASE, be VERY thorough!! I cant stand the pressure!

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  1. if your laptop has an ethernet port, you could try piggy-backing the ps3 onto its internet connection. On Windows operating systems this is called a “shared connection.” On network settings, right click the ethernet port, and the wi-fi card; they should both have a lan-ready address, usually, and then, or.0.2, etc. There should be a menu option when you right-click for “create shared connection.” This basically binds the ethernet port to the wi-fi card to allow thru traffic; this isn’t as simple as it looks to the user, because the operating system has to act as a router, figuring out which traffic is meant for the pc, which is for the client device, etc, and if you’ve got a picky wireless provider, they might not like anything logging on except the machine connected to the card. But it might work. I’ve done it before on windows XP, with a pc and ps2. It wasn’t wireless though.

    If you decide to try this, you will need a “crossover” cable, not a regular ethernet cable. That’s because they’re not symmetric, the LAN port on the laptop is supposed to be client-side, and you’ll be making it server-side instead.

    Another thing you could do is try to look into the settings of your broadband card. See what kind of wireless protocol it uses, WEP, etc, see if you need any keys or passwords, and then go to your ps3 and scan. It will probably pick up whatever your laptop can pick up, if you configure the ps3’s wireless card the same as the laptop’s card is.

    Almost all ps3’s have wireless cards. The only ones that don’t are the launch 20gb model, there are hardly any of them. I doubt you have one of those, so you may as well trial and error with your ps3’s wireless before you go spend $5 on a crossover cable.

  2. maybe I am wrong but u can’t hook up your ps3 to your laptop to get internet access. You have to hook your ps3 directly to a modem with an ethernet cable or you or your neighbor (and this would be wrong) would have to have a router for wireless internet access.

    if u need help on setting up a wireless home network e-mail me.

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