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Help with my Xbox?.?


When i was playing halo 3, my xbox just froze and i shut it off.

So i turned it back on, and it gave me the 1 red ring.

so i turned it off, later turned it back on, it said E74 and said Call Microsoft. I turned it off, then tried it again, and now the screen wont even make a sound or show the xbox sign.

Usually, it freezes at the dashboard, but it wont even go to the dashboard.

So, i called Microsoft, and theyre sending the box, but i want to know if i can fix it by myself, or atleast fix the AV problem.

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  1. no the problem is in the software

    microsoft will probably fix it for free because it is something they did

  2. to fix it yourself would be voiding your warranty so dont try.just wait until your box gets there and send it in to microsoft.ive done it twice and they will either send you a new one or fix your old one.when your box gets to you there will be instructions inside just follow them and take it to the nearest ups free of charge.microsoft pays for the shipping.good luck and game soon

  3. You have E74. There is no fixing that one :/ sorry man. unless your a computer whizz, your best bet is to send it off

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