Home Xbox Forum getting an xbox soon but dont know much about them?

getting an xbox soon but dont know much about them?


so i have a few questions. im getting the modern warfare 3 custom when it comes out next month. what is the point of such a HUGE (320gb) hard drive?

how good is the headset that comes with it? (assuming its the same as the gears 3 custom)

is there any advantage to buying it from gamestop instead of walmart?

what is the difference between xbox live gold and trail? ive never even heard of xbox live trail but it says the gears 3 comes with a 1 month xbox live trail membership.

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  1. Ok more hard drive space means you can buy and download extra maps and such theirs a lot of stuff to do with, i only have 150 gigs and i still have over 95.

    Its good i loved mine but they do break from time to time but they’re like 10 dollars for a new one

    gold and trail is the same thing, there are no restrictions on a trail offer.

    Where you buy it, i don’t think it matters. if you have any other questions after you get xbox live feel free to message me (personal message me on yahoo for my gamer tag)

  2. With a 320gb hard drive you can download movies,music,videos,and demos. Up to 320gb of them. Gamestop will know more about it but walmart may be cheaper. Xbox live gold costs money 60 dollars for a year. This allows you to do pretty much anything on live (play with people around the world,download games,music,and movies, and many other things.) With xbox live trial or silver as it’s called you can only play with friends in a private party. You can still download content and everything else but you can’t play with random people from around the world. Silver is free. The downside to this, YOU NEED WIFI TO CONNECT TO LIVE. Its a terrible rule but what are you going to do. hope I helped a little.

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