Home Playstation Forum Final Fantasy XIII Better ON 360? XYZABC?sicallaway?

Final Fantasy XIII Better ON 360? XYZABC?sicallaway?


Like as you know Modern Warfare 2, and other multi plat games look better on the 360 because of things like its developed on it first, and that its the lead console.

so is Final Fantasy XIII Still going to be developed on the PS3 as the main console? and is it Possible it will look better than the 360 version?



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  1. nope ps3 will remain the more loved counsel 360 only looks better form mw2 in the fact they have a few more online maps but graphically its a little better on ps3 and ff13 versus is still a ps3 exclusive which is gonna be ten times better than 13 due to the fact its got more action and less drama 13 is a girl as main character 13 versus is this awesome looking character look up the final fantasy 13 versus extended trailer u’ll wish u had a ps3 or happy that u got one

  2. no, because the 360 version is being ported from the ps3 version on FFXIII

    in normal multilplats, the games are ported from the PC to the 360 or PS3, and it’s easier to make games from the PC to the 360. Thats why multiplats are better on the 360. But since FFXIIIs being made on the PS3 first, it should be better on the PS3.

  3. Graphically all games look better on the ps3. The PS3 has much more processing power and storage than the Xbox allowing the PS3 to have the very best graphics possible

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