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COD MW3 Eilte question everyone?


Ok so I just got m hands on enough money for eilte and I was gonna get it when I thought of a few questions.

Besides maps what are the advantages?

Buying eilte this late in the game do I get already released maps (liberation, and the other two)?

Do you suggest it?

Is there any difference between ps3 and Xbox elite just wondering becuz I have a ps3

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  1. Elite gives you all dlc that is released for free ( you save a lot ) and if you get elite premium you get the dlc earlier than everyone else ( up to 6 weeks early ) premium elite members got the dlc already released now but everyone else including regular elite members get it on april 12

    You also get extras , here is a link to what is included at callofduty,com

    [url is not allowed].

  2. Everything the other guys said and u can join clans.

    I have a mw3 clan with open enrollment now. Message me MSS2IV.

  3. I’m not sure on if you get the released maps, but I can’t see why not. With elite you can make a clan I think just go to the ELITE console app and see what it says.

    Sorry I couldn’t be more help

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