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Buying Xbox. Quick question.?


I am getting a xbox slim to play online with my friends as most have a 360 and not a PS3 like me. I want to know is whether I should just get a 4GB xbox slim? I will just get online games like Black Ops and FIFA for the slim so I can play online with my friends but most of the time I will get the other games on PS3 so should I be ok with the 4GB?

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  1. Here’s my opinion – In xbox live, there are LOTS- lots of arcade games for download at a very cheap price. some are $1, others are $5, not to mention the DLC for your games. 4gb will surely be insufficient. If you are tight on budget, get a Jasper arcade, then buy a 250gb hdd, or get the jasper elite, which comes with a 120gb hdd.

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