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Buying a 360, which Halo game is the best?


With all these amazing holiday deals I’ve decided to buy a 360. I’ve been a PS3 loyalist but used to play the original Xbox so I have no idea which Halo is the best now (The one with the most people playing, etc).

I already plan on getting Skyrim, MW3, BF3, and Fable 3.

So which Halo game should I get and I also would love to take any other game recommendations.

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  1. Your too late, the best Halo was Halo 3, but nobody plays it now, you’ll just have to wait to Halo 4 comes out. Halo Reach sucks and Halo Anniversary is just a remake. Don’t get those. GET GEARS OF WAR 3

  2. Halo Reach was a well done game. I thought they did a wonderful job bringing this prequel game to match the trilogy. The single player is what you would expect from a Halo game. I though the “loadout” system, similar to a multiplay class system (Call of Duty, Battlefield), changed the Halo multiplayer experience for the better.

  3. I was a PS3 guy too until a couple yeara ago and ive only owned 2( 2&reach) 2 has a better campaign but reach multi is better.

    You should get the new Assassin Creed and maybe mw2 is also really good.

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