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Why is my Xbox 360 Overheating even after repairs?


Recently, I did some home repairs to my Xbox 360 including disassembling the unit, removing and replacing the thermal compound, (though, I didn’t replace the xclamps) and reassembling it. This made my 360 work for awhile, but then it quit, so I tried the penny trick (replacing the 4 thermal pads under the motherboard with 2 pennies wrapped in electrical tape), and it worked! But whenever I put in a game to play, it runs for about 3 minutes and then shuts off with blinking red lights in the 1st and 3rd quadrant of the power lights (the sign of a general overheating problem). It will run for hours just sitting at the dashboard, but as soon as I start to try and play a game, including games I’ve downloaded like “Limbo,” it says it’s overheating after only a few minutes of play. It will play movies I put on my flash drive with no issues. I’ve checked the power brick, and that’s not overheating either. I also have an intercooler attached to the 360, and that isn’t helping the matter whatsoever. Are these all related to one specific part of the 360 that can be cooled? Is it possible it’s the disc drive overheating? Is there something I’m missing? I’ve had my 360 for about 7 or 8 years with no complications previous to this, so if there are no other suggestions, I suppose I am due for a replacement, but if I can fix this one, that would be ideal.

TL;DR: 360 still overheating after suggested repairs, don’t want to buy a new one. Ideas for alternative repairs?

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  1. I’ll suggest you some solutions.

    1. Remove the intercooler. It may seem like suicide but trust me, There are many of these devices that actually prevent the normal airflow that the console should have. Maybe the intercooler is making the things worse.

    2. Next you might try just to blow compressed air or vacuum the vents of the console

    3. Be sure your console is not in a restrained area and it has enough room to “breathe”. 3-4 inches on each side should do the job.

    4. By opening your xbox, you voided your warranty, if it wasn’t expired by the time. You may send it to a 3rd party console repair shop. It’ll cost you around 40-75$ and these guys usually give you a 3 month warranty.

    5. Nothing left but buy a new one. You can always try to sell the one you have for a few bucks on ebay. Some guys buy defective consoles for the parts. Still hard to sell though. I suggest you to buy a used unit. A new xbox might be announced in the next couple of years so it doesnt really worth to buy new gear at the moment.

    Enjoy gaming!

  2. the fans might be gone just get the wispermax and install this happened to mine and it worked fine after but before you do see if you can check the temp while its running the dash using one of those laser thermometers the after you start a game and the lights come on to see if theres a significant differnce in temp if not something is messed in the motherboard hope that helps : )

  3. it is probly in too crouwded space. get it out in the open and stand it up. also, your fan could be going bad in it.

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