Batman: The Enemy Within

Telltale Games has revolutionized the world of video games by introducing interactive narrative adventures that entice you to feel that your decisions affect future events. After peak popularity, partnerships and stagnation, Telltale has been trying to find a delicate balance. On the one hand, it tries to maintain its structure and gameplay that made it famous, but on the other hand it tries tones bolder to the height of the properties with which it collaborates and some advances in its tools. Recently, I played your Guardians of the Galaxy and felt the weight of the stagnation and the forced plot that did not take advantage of the best of its characters, but Batman: The Enemy Within already left me a different sensation. Telltale does not try to recreate a story you already know, try to create your own universe, your vision of this highly popular character and the rest of the cast that charms millions of DC Comics comics fans. It is a risky bet, but it becomes appealing because it opens space for surprises and interpretations of the Batman universe that can snatch the fans. This is where I feel that The Enemy Within results in the enjoyment of the characters, the situations it presents and the way it manages to capture the essence and personality of some of the most powerful characters in the Batman universe. It is undeniable that you will still feel the ties of Telltale experiences that are not as interactive as they promise, at least in terms of the consequences of the choices. This may be the biggest problem that Telltale will have to solve, but at least it shows an effort to improve, to create a better sense of interactivity with that world. Most of the time you will be answering questions in dialogues and occasionally you will have a small area with simple jigsaw puzzles to solve. The experience stays the same as expected, but the situations, the bold tone of the plot, the way it features some characters like Amanda Waller or Jim Gordon and their relationship with Bruce Wayne / Batman, give you access to intense moments that create a strong and even unpredictable narrative.

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